12 TikTok Hacks To Reduce Your Food Waste

January 4, 2021 By Vivi Martell

How often do you find yourself throwing away perfect pieces of food? More often than not, I’m assuming. Food waste is a more significant issue than most realize. In 2020 one-third of all food produced globally is discarded for various reasons, which equates to 1.3 billion tons.

You may be asking yourself, why should we worry about food waste when produce is biodegradable? TikTok user @shelbizlee answers this question perfectly.

In other words, throwing away food wastes money and contributes to climate change. When edible food gets thrown away, it’s sent to a landfill and later produced into methane gas. Hence, when food gets thrown away, it contributes to global warming.

By following these 12 easy TikTok tips, you can help the environment. 

  • Flip jars of nut butter, sour cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese upside down. This will create a vacuum seal, which will allow it to last longer.
  • Follow this user’s tips to reduce food waste by placing your greens in a container to make them last longer.
  • Choosing imperfect yet edible foods that people usually stay away from.
  • The freezer is about to become your new best friend, thanks to this TikTok user tip to store foods in the freezer to prevent food waste.
  • Always save your vegetable scraps. They can turn into vegetable stock!
  • Add a paper towel to your bag of spinach to absorb moisture and make them last longer.

can i talk any faster? never waste green onions, leafy greens, zucchini or squash again! #sustainability #foodwaste #ecotok #foryou

♬ 34+35 – Ariana Grande
  • Using beeswax wraps to replace plastic wraps and to cover food that could quickly go bad.
  • Coffee lovers can use a french press to make a zero-waste coffee.
  • Please don’t throw away your ripe bananas. Instead, use them to make delicious banana bread.

regular healthy banana bread is sometimes just what you neeeed for some comfort 🍌 #bananabread #healthyrecipe #easyrecipe #nutrition #healthydessert

♬ original sound – Rebecca Leigh
  • If you’re a fan of hot sauce, you’ll appreciate this zero waste recipe.
  • Placing your favorite vegetables in a jar with water will improve their shelf life and give you more time to eat your veggies.
  • Do you need to clean out your fridge? Before throwing away your uneaten food, make a “Clean out the Fridge’ Salad.

Composting is the process of reusing organic matter and transforming it into soil that strengthens soil and plants. When composting, organic matter can break down with the presence of oxygen and turn into soil. In this process, no methane is created. 

See how easy it is to compost by checking out this user’s DIY compost.

Composting reduces SO much waste and is super beneficial to our earth 🌏 will you give it a try? #gardening101 #compost #composting #ecofriendly

♬ How to compost – Sabrina

By planning out meals, making a list before going grocery shopping, composting your kitchen waste, and donating extra foods, you will reduce food waste. 

If you think food waste will not affect you, I urge you to think again. Food waste has drastic and adverse effects on our environment. The new year is the time to make a change and to become part of the solution to reduce food waste. 

Let’s leave food waste in 2020 and move forward by helping the environment and ourselves.