The 10,000 Steps Trend Is Here To Stay So Here’s How To Get In On It The Easy Way

February 9, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

Walking 10,000 steps a day has been a household goal for decades. A marketing team at a Japanese pedometer company created the 10,000 step goal back in the ’60s, and it just kind of stuck. Our phones and fitness trackers have adopted this 10,000 step mission for us that we are eager to complete, even if it’s just for the sake of closing the rings on our Apple Watch or having our Fitbit praise us for a job well done. 

So maybe walking 10,000 steps a day got its start trying to help a bunch of tech guys in Japan sell pedometers, but today it motivates us to be more active and pursue healthier lifestyles. And I’m here for it. Because let’s be honest, hitting 10,000 steps is more exhilarating than you expected.

Here are some ways you can sneak extra steps to reach that 10,000 step goal, so you get your win for the day. 

Walk your dog for 10 minutes more than you normally would.

As if you really needed an excuse to spend more time with your dog, walking that extra 10 minutes will give you a bonus 1,000 steps and one happy dog. If you don’t have a dog, try asking an elderly neighbor if they need help taking their dog out or visit a local shelter and volunteer to be a dog walker.

Go for a walk during your next phone call.

Next time you have a work call or just want to catch up with friends or family, do so while going for a walk. You could even get up and walk around your house while you chat if that’s more tempting than braving the elements outdoors. 

Spend some extra time shopping.

During your next trip to Target make a point to check out parts of the store you love but don’t always visit. Maybe even walk through every aisle at Trader Joe’s and see if there are any new snacks you’d like to try next time. 

Instead of looking for the closest parking spot to the store, look for the farthest.


He really took the parking spot 😂 #funny #kids #dunk #fyp (h/t buitengebieden/TW, overtime/TikTok)

♬ Kesha – Take It Off – 叶子🍃💗

I know it almost feels like your life’s mission to find the best parking spot, but by parking farther away you’ll get to stretch your legs more and relieve yourself from the stress of always having to find the best spot.