10 Free Online Mental Health Resources To Help You Manage 2020 Stress

October 2, 2020 By Brenda Percy

2020 has been a rough year for many. Navigating through a pandemic has caused people worldwide to experience higher than usual levels of stress and anxiety. 

Not only that, but the upcoming winter months typically cause an increase in these moods, causing what’s known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This coupled with the impact of  COVID-19 has an even more detrimental effect on mental state. 

If the events of this year have you feeling down, here are our top ten activities and resources to help you get through the rest of 2020.  

1. Insight Timer Resource Library For Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep 

Credit: Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free app that can help you manage stress, anxiety, and enable better sleep. It includes more than 60,000 free guided meditation resources, so you can do a free meditation practice daily. 

Other resources include yoga, a meditation timer to keep you focused, as well as resources specifically for children. 

You can also follow some of their meditations on YouTube.  

2. MindShift CBT App for Relieving Stress and Anxiety 

Credit: MindShift

This app includes free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques that will help you become more mindful and relaxed. These strategies are scientifically proven and will help ease worrying, social anxiety, phobias, and more. 

MindShift CBT includes coping cards to help manage anxiety, provides fear facing exercises, and includes goal-setting tips to keep you focused. 

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3. Webinars From The Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) provides free resources on YouTube that you can access at any time. 

This channel provides a wealth of mental health information,  from topics like understanding depression to OCD and managing emotions during COVID-19 and more. 

4. Support with 7 Cups Chat Rooms

Credit: 7 Cups

Do you just need to talk to someone? 7 Cups connects you with volunteer listeners that are available to chat  24/7.  

Credit: 7 Cups

There are more than 300,000 listeners there for callers who need them. This program also provides online therapy with licensed therapists for a monthly fee. 

5. Daily Strength Anxiety Support Group  

Anxiety can cause feelings of dread or angst and can be triggered by daily stressors. You don’t have to work through your anxiety alone. Sometimes you need to lean on others who are going through similar emotions. 

The Daily Strength Anxiety Support Group is there for this purpose. Share your story with others and learn from theirs. Members share tips that help them through hard times. 

Credit: Daily Strength 

Daily Strength support isn’t limited to anxiety, the website has groups for children’s mental health, sleep disorders, trauma, and more. 

6. Bodyfit By Amy Online Workout Classes 

Working out regularly is proven to improve your moods and reduce anxiety, depression, and more. In fact, studies show that running for 15 minutes daily reduces depression risk by 26 percent.  One of the reasons is because exercise releases endorphins, which is a feel-good chemical, in your brain. 

Credit: Bodyfit by Amy

Programs like Bodyfit by Amy can help make exercising fun. There are exercises of various lengths and styles to appeal to people at all levels in their fitness journey and to help promote a culture of body positivity.  

7. Bliss Therapy Program for Depression 

Bliss is a self-guided 8-session therapy program that you can complete on your own. The program is based on the CBT psychotherapy treatment, which is effective for treating depression. 

Sign up for the program to learn strategies for improving your overall mood. 

8. Veteran Sleep Help with CBT-i Coach 

If you’re a veteran who is having trouble sleeping, CBT-i Coach can help. The solution is designed for both those who are using a healthcare provider for CBT for insomnia and for those who have insomnia symptoms. 

While it can be used on its own, it is not a replacement for therapy, rather a supplement. 

9. Self-Care Resources from the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) provides resources specifically for those who are looking to improve self-care throughout the pandemic. 

Content includes webinars, mindfulness strategies, educational briefs as well as strategies specific to those dealing with COVID-19 from the frontlines. 

10. Improve Mindfulness with the UCLA Mindful App 

Credit: UCLA Mindful App

The UCLA Mindful App enables you to practice mindfulness anywhere.  Learn how to be truly present through daily meditation practices that help mindfulness become part of your lifestyle.

The app provides mediations, how-to videos, a meditation timer, and weekly UCLA podcasts. 

Use These Resources To Navigate Through 2020 

2020 has been a hard year for many but you don’t have to manage your feelings alone. The free resources above are available to help you adjust, relieve stress and anxiety, and come out of this year with a positive outlook. 

Whether you want to watch an informative webinar, practice mindfulness, start working out, or simply just need to talk to someone, the solutions above can help. Go through these suggestions and give these resources a try to take control of your mental health going into 2021.